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Frequently Asked Auto Insurance Questions

Is my rental car covered by my auto policy or do I need to purchase the rental company's insurance?

Most drivers are adequately covered for the average rental (assuming it's for pleasure and not business). However, if your coverage is liability only, because you have opted out of Comprehensive and Collision coverage, then you may not be covered. Please call AIA Insurance for your policy specifics. 317-858-9420

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When my child gets a learner's permit, are they automatically covered on my auto policy or do I need to add them?

If your child has a learner's permit, it is important to add him or her to your policy.  However, there is typically no additional charge until he has his driver's license. The insurance company likes to know if there are new drivers in the household but as long as the child with the learner's permit has a licensed driver in the passenger seat with him, he has coverage under the family auto policy. It is extremely important to let us know that your child has received his driver's license as soon as possible so we can add him to your policy.

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Is my car covered if I am using it for deliveries for an outside business?

If you or your family member is driving your auto for another company, delivering something like pizzas or flowers for a flower shop, it is very possible that your auto is NOT covered by your current policy. Contact AIA if you have questions regarding this.

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Are there ways that I can lower my auto insurance premium, regardless of my driving record?

There are many ways to lower auto premiums.

1. Billing Options: You will frequently pay a lower premium for auto insurance by paying your premium in full or paying via scheduled monthly EFT (automatic withdrawal from your checking account). When the insurance company has to send a paper bill every month, your premium will be increased and, in many cases, you will pay a larger monthly fee.

2. Email Address: Many times, by simply supplying the company with an email address will get you an discount. This is easy to do for free money.

3. Shop Early: Most companies offer a discount for shopping 7-10 days before you need the auto policy. They feel clients should be rewarded for being responsible and not attempting to get insurance at the last possible moment.

4. Combine Coverage: The best way to lower premiums is to place your home and auto insurance with the same carrier. Those discounts can make a huge difference in the overall premium.

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Is there any reason I should have auto insurance if I don't have a car?

If you plan to have a car in the future or are between vehicles, you should keep an auto policy. The best way to increase your premium in the future is to go without insurance for any length of time whether it is 1 day or 6 months. You can get an inexpensive driver only policy that will continue coverage while you are between cars. If you buy a car in the future and do not have insurance, you could pay anywhere from 25-40% more because you are uninsured.

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Are my personal items in my vehicle covered under my car insurance?

There is very minimal coverage for your personal belonging inside your auto. If you are a victim of auto theft and your golf clubs, laptop and cell phone were all in your car, your auto policy will not have enough coverage to replace those items. This loss would fall under your homeowner's or rental policy. It is very important to have a homeowner's or rental policy because that policy covers your personal property, wherever you are.

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If you have any specific or general insurance question about your existing auto policy or if you are looking for a new policy, please call or email us at 317-858-9420 or . At AIA Insurance, we make every effort to respond to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours. Click the auto or home link for a competitive quote.