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Frequently Asked Homeowners Insurance Questions

Is my smart phone covered if I lose it or if it is stolen?

If you lose your smart phone, you are not covered. You will need to contact your mobile carrier and ask if they offer an insurance plan for your lost or stolen phone.

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My dishwasher just broke and needs to be replaced. Does my homeowners policy cover broken appliances?

Typically a homeowners policy does not cover appliances. However, some policies will cover the loss of refrigerated or frozen items in the case of a power outage. Call AIA Insurance to find out if your policy has this coverage. 317-858-9420

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Is my engagement ring covered on the homeowners policy?

There is some jewelry coverage on most homeowners policies. It is minimal and many times it is subject to the deductible. If you have an expensive piece of jewelry, it is crucial that you schedule that item at its full replacement value. You may need to have it appraised, but it will be worth any possible expense. There is typically no deductible for scheduled items.

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Does my umbrella policy cover my business?

Your umbrella policy does not typically cover your business. You must have a separate liability policy for your business. Call AIA Insurance for specifics to your situation.

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Does my house have to be in a flood zone in order to be able to purchase flood insurance?

Home insurance does not typically cover floods. You do not need to be in a flood zone in order to purchase flood insurance. Anyone can purchase it.

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Is Indiana on an earthquake fault-line? Do I need to purchase earthquake insurance?

Yes, Indiana is a part of the New Madrid Seismic Zone and if you want coverage for an earthquake, you must add the earthquake endorsement to your policy. Keep in mind that most earthquake insurance is subject to a minimum 5% deductible.

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If you have any specific or general insurance question about your existing homeowners policy or if you are looking for a new policy, please call or email us at 317-858-9420 or . At AIA Insurance, we make every effort to respond to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours. Click the auto or home link for a competitive quote.